About Us

We are Diego & Maria, a couple that coincidentally were both born in USA and raised in Venezuela. Due to the critical situation that Venezuela has been going through, we decided to sell our bed & breakfast in the gorgeous tropical coastal town of Choroni and move back to USA for a better quality of life, especially for our kids.

This time around we moved to Boulder Colorado, and after giving it much thought we came up with the idea of opening a food truck. In this way, we are able to showcase what we consider to be one of the great cuisines of the world, traditional Venezuelan food. More specifically arepas, the everyday bread of Venezuelans enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It fills us with pride to be ambassadors of the arepas in Boulder. We also feel so fortunate to be able to share the good things Venezuela has to offer in other parts of the world.

History of the Arepas

The Arepa originated hundreds of years ago, and was a staple in the diet of various indigenous tribes across the areas that are now Venezuela and Colombia. Arepas are eaten at all times of the day. The Arepa received its name from the word “erepa”, the indigenous word for corn. Until the 1950s, when Areperas (Arepa joints) began growing in popularity, people became more innovative with their fillings. These days there are a variety of staple traditional arepas that are Venezuelans favorite ones on a menu.

Why the Name?

Areperas (arepa joints) are establishments that are found all over Venezuela. These establishments are usually open 24/7 and provide a place where you can enjoy a delicious traditional arepa. Our name is simply the translation of arepera (The Arepa Joint).


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