The Arepa Joint

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The Arepa Joint

Food Truck Serves Venezuelan Arepas in Colorado Front Range

The Arepa Joint is a food truck that serves traditional, Venezuelan arepas in and around Boulder, Colorado.

We believe that making everything fresh, makes everything taste, and everyone feel, their best. Our arepas are fresh and made by hand, daily. We only serve fresh plantains, not the frozen variety. All of our ingredients are prepared the day of. The Arepa Joint’s arepas are filling, satisfying and filled with the best ingredients. Check out our menu here.

We serve our arepas out of our food truck and can be found in various locations in and around Boulder Colorado. The find the Arepa Joint food truck, check here to find us!

What is an Arepa?

An arepa is a cornmeal patty, traditionally sliced open (pocket style) and stuffed with a diverse variety of fillings. Here, at The Arepa Joint, we mainly serve lunch and dinner style arepas from our food truck, though arepas are delicious any time of day.

We are often asked the difference between an arepa and other Latin-American food, such as tortillas, papusas, and gorditas. The difference between these end products comes down to the difference between masarepa and masa harina.

Both masarepa and masa harina are a corn based product, though the process of creating them is what makes them each unique. Masarepa is precooked ground corn flour that is used to prepare arepas. It is made by soaking dried corn and then pounding the grains to remove the seed germ and the outer lining, the remaining part of the corn is then cooked and ground. Masarepa is sometimes mistaken for masa harina, a corn dough that is first dried and ground into fine cornmeal, masa harina is made from corn treated with lime in order to remove the germ and outer lining before it is ground. In conclusion, masa harina is used for making tortillas, pupusas, and gorditas, while masarepa is used to make arepas.

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